12 Aug

I’m currently getting a bit of musical mileage out of the self-titled debut LP by the mysterious entity known as Sbtrkt.

Continuing in the same melancholic vein as James Blake’s LP  earlier this year yet managing to sound less harrowing and bleak thanks his pop leanings. Several tracks feature soul-inflected vocalists while the instrumental aspects constitute a cross-pollination of electro, dubstep, house and african styles. A definite contender for my LP of the year.


Return of an Unlikely Hero

22 May

So I’ve been lost in the metaphorical desert of daily life the last few months and am now returned possessed of grand musical insights with which to feed your emaciated musical souls.
Hyperbole aside, I’ll start with the rather lamely named ‘Flako’, whose music seems to be somewhat of a post-Dabrye exercise in atmospheric electronic hip hop (a sorely under-represented exercise).

Flako – Desert Ride

As at least one other internet reviewer has astutely noted, James Pants’ sound is a rather curious blend of oddball vinyl fetishism and hero homage. Pants inhabits a unique sonic territory, existing neither as an overt rip-off, or ironic-pastiche yet relies heavily on his rather broad-yet-odd Vinyl tastes. Unlike other acts of recent times who’ve shunned the cleanliness and precision of modern recording techniques in favor of recreation of classic 70’s 80’s lo-fi ‘organice’ aesthetic, he manages to inject personality into his stylistic appropriation.

[My] Best of 2010 Pt.1

8 Jan

Given every other Online Magazine and their proverbial dog has done one, I feel it’s my duty also.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Beverly Kills

Beach House – Norway

Caribou – Sun

Matthew Herbert – Dublin

Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant

Onra – My Comet

Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal

Africa HiTech – Boingy

Onra – Long Distance

16 Oct

I fancy myself a half-decent electronic producer but after hearing the production quality on Onra’s LP Long Distance I might be inclined to give up the game.

Neon Indian – Terminally Chill

21 Sep

Here’s a fantastic slice of Hypnagogic pop taken from the video haze of Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms LP. This kooky track -replete with funky synth chords heavily reminiscent of a cheesy disco/funk hit the likes of which I struggle to recall the name of- I can’t get enough of.

The video at least reminds me very much of the Boards of Canada’s earlier attempts.

Benedek – Laser Forest

20 Sep

Proximity One: Narrative of a City Cover Art

80’s inspired soul-drenched electro/boogie seems to be doing the rounds lately. Earlier this year we had Dam-Funk’s inspired electro workouts gaining widespread notoriety and lately a number of notables including Onra, Oriol and now Benedek.

His Laser Forest track taken from the patchy, but decent,  Proximity One: Narrative of a City all laden with soulful electronics LP is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Air – Sing Sang Sung

20 Sep

I’m a bit of a sucker for a well crafted, dreamy pop song and pop/psyche greats Air are one of the best at the form.

Taken from 2009’s  Love 2 LP and complete with a gorgeous video reminiscent of soft 60’s pop-artwork, it can’t help but impress.

Arp 101 – Dead Leaf EP

20 Sep

Awesome psychedelic Boogied-out funkness from Arp 101’s new 2 track ‘Dead Leaf‘ EP.

Elaquent – Merlot Grapes

20 Sep

Here’s a track of carefree Soulful hiphop from Toronto based Elaquent.

Tanlines – Settings EP

16 Sep

This light and plaful EP of tropical dubstep’s been getting a bit of a spin at my end.

Real Life is a particular standout